1)Your first step as a gardener-in-training is to learn how a seed turns into a plant. You will need to use the computer for this step. With your head phones on, you will watch a video about the different parts of a plant’s life, from a tiny little seed all the way to a tall tree.

2) Next it’s time to see what you remember! You will play a game by placing the flash cards in the correct order.

3) You will then listen to a song that tells you the 5 things plants need to grow.

4) After learning the song, you will make a Gardener’s Handbook. In it you will put the information you need to plant a seed and take care of it. You will list the steps you must take to plant the seed.

5) Mrs. Kerns will give each table group their own kind of seed to plant so that when their seed is done growing, it will be a different plant than the other tables’.

6) Once your seeds are planted, you will check on them, water them, make sure they are getting enough sunlight, and keep track of how much they are growing. To do this, you will take a picture every few days of your plant, and Mrs. Kerns and Mrs. Smith will put the picture in the progress chart in your handbook.image


Photo courtesy of D. Sharon Pruitt on Flickr.com.

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