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Module 1 Reflection- My Digital Footprint


To have my own domain means I have an official platform on which to present and store my own ideas and opinions, as well as compile information belonging to others as long as I give them credit. Having my own domain gives me the opportunity to share with my students and their parents information about my class, such as the syllabus, assignments, field trips, upcoming tests, etc. Though the school I am currently employed at provides its teachers with a program on which to store grades and post announcements, handouts, and assignments available to the students and parents, it must follow a very set format and presentation. Having my own domain gives me the freedom to personalize and present the information in my own way.

Twitter is a great tool to use in the classroom with secondary students because most of them are so adept at it and use it often. As an English teacher, I could use it to encourage class discussions on particular novels that we read or to teach the students about characterization. They could take on the persona of a particular character and post on Twitter as that character. Their posts would have to demonstrate their knowledge of the character based off of direct and indirect characterization from the novel. Because I am not as familiar with Twitter as I am with Facebook, it would be good for me to practice by posting more often. The more I practice and gain confidence with it, the better I will be with interacting with my students on it and monitoring their activity. The students should see that I am confident and capable at using the social media tools I incorporate in my lessons.

This is something that is expected of teachers today because we should always be one step ahead of our students. We should be willing to learn new skills, even if it is outside of our comfort zones. There will be times when we encounter problems or questions we don’t know the solution or answer to. If this happens in front of our students, we should see it as an opportunity to model flexibility and a willingness to learn and be taught. There will even be times when the students can teach US something, which is great! This year I had a student on the school’s tech team in my 1st period class. It was convenient, because I would often let him demonstrate how to do something on the computer or Ipad for the class or help his classmates one on one if I was tied up with another student. He helps me, the class learns something new, and he gains confidence in his own abilities.

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