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I have used Pinterest frequently as a resource when lesson planning, decorating my classroom, and organizing. The teaching profession is one full of people who are willing to share their ideas, tricks, experience, and hard work, and it is a wonderful thing. I anticipate that I’ll take a lot of classroom management tricks from Pinterest, as well as strategies for incorporating stations in the classroom. It’s easy to get caught up in the adorable pictures of classroom decor, but the practical tips that I’ll find myself using every day are the real prize here.

Some helpful sites I have found linked in Pinterest are We Are Teachers, Teachers Pay Teachers, and Tunstall’s Teaching Tidbits. Another thing I have found helpful about Pinterest is I can follow my coworkers and see what they are pinning.  We can share ideas this way and decide on things we all want to do for the entire kindergarten. For example, the lead kindergarten teacher found Rise and Shine binders on Pinterest that she plans on incorporating into her class’ morning routine. After she told us about them, we checked them out on Pinterest and we all decided to do it. The pin happened to link back to the Teachers Pay Teachers page where you can purchase it. Not only is Pinterest helpful as a resource, but it serves as inspiration as well. You don’t always have to take others’ ideas, but you can use someone’s idea as inspiration and create something new of your own.



Below is a link to my twitter feed in which I reflect on things I have learned throughout the semester.



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