Animoto for the Classroom- The First Thanksgiving

Creating a video on Animoto is just as fun as it will be for the students to watch it. I chose the topic of the first Thanksgiving for my video because I wanted to take advantage of the wealth of beautiful paintings available on the Library of Congress website. For this assignment we were told to use only primary sources, and having interned at the LOC, I knew there would be plenty of colorful paintings to serve my purposes. I also just got my paws on the curriculum for this coming year (my first year teaching kindergarten), and the Thanksgiving unit popped out at me. I am so looking forward to our feast!

Back to Animoto. I found that downloading the app was very helpful because it was so easy to save images on my iPad and put them right into the video template. I chose Autumn since that seemed most fitting for a video on Thanksgiving. It’s very easy to move the slides around and insert text slides. You can use the default music with the template you choose, or you can select from their extensive selection of other choices. I would suggest using songs without lyrics as much as possible if your content requires the students or you as the teacher to read anything aloud. The singing in the background can get distracting.

Animoto is a great way to spark student interest in an upcoming unit or a great assessment tool as older students can use it to present reports, projects, etc.

You can find my video here.


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