About Me

I am a second year teacher at a small private school in Virginia. During my first year of teaching, I began my Master’s in Education at the University of Mary Washington, where I graduated with my Bachelor’s in English. I love the written word and am driven by my desire to share this love with my students. Motivating students to read and planting a love of reading in them at an early age is my goal.

Before I began teaching, I worked in the local library, where I was in charge of the toddler story time. It gave me the opportunity to observe early literacy first-hand (from the educator’s perspective), and this is what gave me the desire to be a teacher.

This same library is where my dad would take me every week (sometimes more than once) to get books. I would devour them on the ride home. The high school where I teach now is the same school I graduated from and where I came to love English. I’m one of those people who always return to their roots, and I’m lucky enough to have such great ones!

Having just found out I will be teaching Kindergarten next year, I am excited to use this blog to share my experiences learning how to incorporate technology in the Kindergarten classroom!

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